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A very different school of English

I’ll assist you on your way to success.
I can create a custom study plan based on your needs.
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What makes us different?

Is money important to you?

Let's discuss which skills you really need to develop. Pay for these lessons only. Let's create your individual learning schedule.

Need English for the Resident Visa?

Choose the exam that works best for you. Improve your English while preparing for your exam. Try a mock test before the big day.

Studied IELTS / OET and failed?

Learn the test format and assessment criteria from experienced exam preparation teachers and practice the skills. Try a mock test before taking the real thing.

Suffer from lack of time?

Don't waste your time. Morning, afternoon, evening or weekend classes. Choose a time to suit you.

Tired of standard/online courses?

Tailor-made study plans. Regular feedback. Study goals adjusted as you improve.

Also a foodie?

Free delicious coffee and tea, always something sweet to snack on, and pizza parties to celebrate success.

Choose a package and come in for a free diagnostic consultation!

Every person is different and we understand our students have different needs. Let’s meet so that we can assess your level and together create your personal education programme.

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