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About NEO

We believe learning is a process and, as such, needs regular adjustment to changing needs. We trust students know what they need and we would rather guide and assist them than have one learning method for everybody. Students are always at the centre of their learning process. Reaching students’ goals is what matters.

    Interesting Facts in a Nutshell
  • 94 % pass rate
  • 97 % satisfaction rate
  • students from 5 continents
  • age ranges from 16 to 60
  • 347 authentic pizzas eaten


Owner, Teacher

MA (Applied Linguistics, TESOL), Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing).
25 years of experience

Yes, people have told me before it cannot be done. So, let's do it!

About me

I have gained and developed my professional expertise while teaching both abroad and in New Zealand. In Europe, I have taught in prestigious schools whose customers are managers of some of the world’s biggest companies, such as 3M, Santander Bank, IKEA, Siemens and Volvo, to name just a few. Teaching executives was a challenging job as they are very demanding clients and made me be the best version of myself. I learnt to be creative in planning classes, achieve best results in very often limited time and always put the student and their needs first. I apply the same principles while teaching groups of fellow migrants at NEO, the school I founded 4 years ago here, in New Zealand.

Due to the recent border closure I have decided to downsize NEO in 2021, which gave me an opportunity to rethink my needs and go back to what I love doing – assisting and observing people improve their English and, consequently, reaching their professional and personal goals.

I arrived in New Zealand in 2016, so I am a migrant who has decided to call New Zealand home. I know from experience how challenging it is to start your life away from home and, most importantly, from the ways of running your life and business you are used to and hold dear. I believe New Zealand needs migrants and that your chances of success increase if you can communicate in English and understand the culture. Once you master these two, you can get a resident visa, make friends, succeed in your profession, and contribute to New Zealand’s rich culture. The recent pandemic shows that ours is a good place to be. If staying in this beautiful country depends on an English exam or improving your communication skills, invest in yourself because you can be sure you are investing in your and your family’s good future. I’d be happy to help to achieve these goals. .

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